Our Story

MOXU was born from a vision that we can all be the best version of ourselves. To be the best version of ourselves we often have to break through the mental and physical barriers that are in our way, this act in itself may feel incredibly difficult at the time, but it’s often the moment we look back at with most fondness.

We created the word MOXU to help people make a mental shift during their training, no matter what fitness level they are. We all have moments where we must find inner strength, the courage to persevere and pure determination. We also created MOXU products to support you on this journey – we are here to help support your body and your mind to maximise your training and maximise your results. We are firm believers in recovering effectively so we can make every training session count. We’re in this together.

MOXU is for everyone. We are a community. We are inclusive. We do not conform to the traditional fitness stereotypes. We hold core values of self-belief, confidence and celebrate diversity which translates seamlessly into the fibre of MOXU. Whilst we strongly believe in the importance of working on your physical self, we know people often forget your strongest muscle - your mind. We believe that now more than ever, it’s important to take care of both mind and body equally.

MOXU are about Training Harder and Recovering Smarter.

Our Beliefs

Recovery Matters

We have developed MOXU to help you train harder and recover smarter. Recovery is often overlooked, and we will help you make the gains outside of your training, to improve your training. If we recover better today, whether from fitness or from life, we can achieve more tomorrow. We have a constant focus on R&D discovering more effective integrations of CBD supplements, botanicals and plant based products ensuring you can push your bodies mental and physical limits while maintaining the necessary balance.

We’re here because Recovery Matters.

Empowerment Matters

We believe empowerment is the foundation for success. MOXU is dedicated to creating a positive cycle and environment where we can surround ourselves with people who support one another and lift each other higher. When you surround yourself with positive people, who share a ‘can do’ attitude, there are no limits. We believe we can all achieve any goal if we truly believe in ourselves, and if others believe in us then things get really exciting.

At MOXU, we strive to empower everyone through the unstoppable power of community and our innovative products, and together we will rise to our goals and triumph over our biggest fitness challenges.

Community Matters

We believe positive support is key to driving fitness achievements and unlocking personal potential to hit your goals. We are on a mission to create a community of goal setters and goal crushers who, like MOXU, believe in the power of encouraging and supporting one another to be the best, fittest and healthiest versions of ourselves. Are you ready to join the MOXU Movement?

The Founders

Richard and Maryam have always enjoyed keeping fit. They believe that we can all achieve greatness, to become the best version of ourselves. They developed MOXU as a means to bring people together in a community of positivity, and products to help people recover and train harder. When the global pandemic hit in March 2020, life for everyone was disrupted. With the opportunity to reflect on life, they were very aware their moments of clarity and relaxation were all around their workouts – sometimes after periods of perseverance and challenge. Richard and Maryam have always encouraged each other to exercise and to push on when times feel hard – physically and mentally. During the lockdowns and tiers, and spending more time with their children, they realised their approach had been imprinted on their children who they have always instilled a ‘never give up’ attitude and encouraged them to be active. Why couldn’t they imprint this positivity on others, what stops people becoming the best version of themselves?

Richard has spent 13 years in the fitness industry, gaining insight into what galvanises people to connect with an active lifestyle. He has worked in the UK and global medical cannabis sector with world leading experts, which inspired him and Maryam to launch MOXU’s cannabis-based-products to help those at all stages of their fitness journey push the boundaries of what they can achieve.

Maryam is testament to the possibilities achieved through personal determination. At 22 without speaking English, she emigrated from Iran to the UK with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. After many people told her it wasn’t possible, Maryam persevered, working twice as hard as her peers to prove she was capable of achieving her goals. Maryam has since worked for national and international law firms as a Solicitor. This determination spills into the ethos of MOXU.

Together they have researched and developed formulations and products with guidance from global experts. They are excited to share all the products with the fitness world – and to encourage more people to be more active.

Environment and Sustainability

Our planet matters. It matters to you and it matters to us. MOXU are focused on being an environmentally friendly and sustainable business – after all, so many of us spend so much time exercising in the beautiful outdoors; be it on a trail, a playing field or on the ocean.

We’re not hear to bash brands or make judgements on what people buy – we just know that too many fitness supplement brands use non-recyclable single use plastic, and that we all have our part to play in caring for our planet. Rest assured that MOXU are as keen as you are to protect our beautiful planet.

Our planet matters and we’re proud that 98% of our products are recyclable. As a business MOXU are committed to taking meaningful action and strive to make all our products from recyclable materials – for you and for the world around us.